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This is a planned timeline of Sisu network. The roadmap might be subject to change. You can check our website for any update on Sisu's work.

1. Cross chain token swap (Tail)

This is a testnet for swapping non-native tokens cross chain, including common tokens like ERC20 and NFT. Sisu dev team will work with other crypto teams who want to build DEX to release their testnet version. Sisu testnet and validator's group will be private at this stage.

2. General cross chain messaging (Talon)

General cross chain messaging allow smart contracts to send and receive data between different chains. Contracts can share application logic data and not just liquidity with contracts in other chains.

3. Private transaction (Fang)

Privacy is one of the missing features in many established blockchains. The Fang release allows users to privately send and receive tokens in any chains without revealing who you are sending money to even to the validator nodes.

4. Sisu dApp ecosystem (Heart)

Sisu will expand its full eco-system of web3 dApp beyond being a bridge. The Sisu bridge is one of the core components of the Sisu ecosystem that allows applications to interact with each other. It's possible that Sisu team could develop a high-throughput smart chain that deeply integrated with the Sisu bridge to facilitate fast, secure & low-fee transactions.