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Testnet DEX

You can participate in our incentivized testnet program by doing token swap on our testnet DEX.

Step 01: go to this website

Step 02: Connect wallet to KO exchange. You can choose either Metamask or Coinbase wallet

Picture 1: Click on the button “Connect Wallet” on the top right corner.

Picture 02: Select Metamask of Coinbase wallet

Step 03:Allow the wallet swapping on KO exchange

Picture 03: Give permission to make swapping

Step 04: Taking Faucet token from

Picture 04: Input your wallet to receive faucet token

Step 05: Receive Blockchain Faucet token Please take the Blockchain Faucet token from the following website






Step 06: Make swapping

Input the amount of token, select which blockchain you want to swap

Picture 05: Make swapping

Step 07: Swap Successfully

You will receive the source chain and destination chain when swapping successfully

Picture 06: Swap successfully