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What is Sisu Network?

Sisu network is a decentralized, trustless layer that connects and facilitates seamless transactions between various blockchains. Sisu can support any L1, L2 or sidechain transactions whether it is a token swapping request or smart contract function call. In addition, Sisu will support private token swap and develop a full cross chain ecosystem of dapp.

Please refer to our roadmap for the feature release of Sisu.

What problem is Sisu solving?‚Äč

The rise of recent blockchains like Solana, Avalance, Aptos, Sui, etc creates a need to transfer assets (forward and backward) between various chains. Ethereum 1.0 used to be the dominant network for smart contract execution but other blockchains have gradually gained market share by offering more scalable and faster solutions for users. From now on, we will live in a multi-chain world where there is no dominating player. Instead, we are moving into a paradigm where various blockchains co-exist.

We expect in 3 years, the total volume of transaction cross chain will be bigger than the volume of any single chain. We anticipate trillions of dollars of assets will be moved cross chain. This trend is irreversible, it's important to design a secured general solution for the incoming multi-chain world.

Cross chain interoperability is more than just token swaps though these are the most common activities in the early days. There are many complex interoperability problems that remain unsolved. Sisu aims to solve interoperability problems between a large set of blockchains with a secure, cheap transactions and easy-to-use interface.